Entrepreneurship. Let’s talk about it.

A lot of people believe that entrepreneurship is all glitter and gold and a bunch of fun. Most don’t highlight the struggles they went through nor tell you about it. For the most part you’ll hear all about the good news and how they’ve worked hard to get to where they are. But you rarely hear about the ugly truth about entrepreneurship.

One thing that I’ve learned from being an entrepreneur is that there are definitely lows and sometimes you have more lows than you do highs. You really do go through the storm to get to the eye and then it’s a complete process that you go through all over again to level up again. But hopefully you’re smarter and have learned from the last time you leveled up in life so the process won’t be as bad.

No entrepreneurship isn’t all bad but I do believe it is important to talk about the difficulties you may run into. Hard times are expected but being prepared is what can be your saving grace. You should not expect to fail but rather expect to come against obstacles and make sure you’re prepared to combat them. Maintaining a positive attitude and working to ensure things don’t stress you out are very important.

If you’re going to embark on entrepreneurship, go it alone. Don’t quit your 9-5 job because you and your boo or friend are out here grinding it out together or so you think. Some partnerships last longer than others because you both started with the same goal in mind and everyone’s value and input is appreciated.

Sometimes we naively go into things thinking that we are in it together and that we can rely on our business partners for support. But when you think like that, you are leaving yourself out as a contender to be your own support system. Which is why I say, go it alone. Because today, you can only depend on you and no one will work harder for YOUR dreams than you will. And they shouldn’t. But if you’re lucky enough to have someone who is willing to go hard for you and your dreams and assist you, those people should be cherished and truly appreciated for who and what role they play in your journey. At no point should they be left out in the cold hanging, fending for themselves after helping you reach a goal. At no point should they be exiled from your life etc even if things didnt go well. They should be cherished and appreciated. Because if they were blessed enough to do it the first time, trust me they will be blessed again 10 fold the next go round. Whether you’re there to reap the benefits or not is entirely up to you.

In my own journey I’ve learned that as a giver and loyal person I tend to be more loyal to others than myself. I am someone who is blessed and has been blessed but because of my own loyalties to others and not myself I will be taken advantage of and used by people I consider to be my friend or lover. A sad truth I had to learn but a necessary lesson.

Sometimes we think we love ourselves, we may not do things that say otherwise but after a long drawn out process of one situation after the other you realize that you really don’t love yourself. Sometimes going through this process can be the trigger in you leveling up on a whole other level.

img_9777You learn things about yourself that yd about my heart and the way it can love, the way it can be cold, and the way it can hurt. I suggest anyone embarking on their entrepreneurship journey you didn’t know, some good and some bad. But take it all in stride, because in essence it’s all for your betterment and not for your worse.

So aside from me learning I didn’t love myself I also learned to be very diligent at protecting their peace. Know yourself and know the people you’re dealing with. If you starting this process with your significant other or friend, make sure the reasons why you’re in that partnership is identical. Make sure they actually value you as a person and not for the things you can do for them and their goals. Make sure everything that you put out is reciprocated back to you.

Meaning if you are joining something because your partner see’s it as a great investment and good system then they should take lead but you’re input and opinion should be valued and if it’s not then that’s your cue to leave. Also, don’t go into something you aren’t 100% confident or sure of because when things go bad you can’t blame the other person for it, you have to accept your part in it as well.

The last thing I will leave you with is to make sure that you have plans and backup plans for your backup plan. Not saying expect to fail but with what you’re trying to accomplish you will definitely be up against a lot and it’s always good to have plans in place in case some things do fall through. As selfish as this sounds, always look out for yourself first.

One of my biggest mistakes as I mentioned before is that I was not looking out for myself nor did I have any concrete back up plans. I had become dependent on someone who didn’t even value me and in the end I was left hurt and alone.

No, I’m not asking for pity but instead asking that you all take heed to my words, especially women who are naive like I was, to look out for yourself, don’t agree to do things you aren’t comfortable with, and speak up when things seem off on your journey.

You possess all of the power to make YOUR dreams a reality. It’s up to you!


Peace and blessing!

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