You Can Push Through

This is for anyone struggling or going through something and they feel completely hopeless like there’s no way out.

I want you to be strong and keep on pressing.

I know you’re probably going through something you just never imagined you’d be going through. You’re probably feeling like you won’t ever get out of your funk or see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But you can and you will.

Let me tell you a little story as to how I know you’ll be alright.

For about 5 years I dealt with depression and anxiety pretty heavily. The cause of my depression was due to self infliction. I thought I needed someone who was no good for me.

During the course of our situationship I was put down constantly. Told I wasn’t good enough, not as bad of a woman as I thought I was. I was lied to, used, and cheated on. There were a number of opportunities for me to walk away but because I didn’t truly love myself, I stayed.

I thought my situation would change if I could prove to this man that I was valuable and worth something. But in all actuality the only person I should’ve been proving that to was myself.

So, because I decided to stay, I suffered for 5 years. Depression finally hit me the hardest at the start of 2019. Things had finally come to an end with this person and I had gained my freedom. I was sad about it but knew I had to push through it.

During the beginning parts of the new year I spent a lot of much needed time with my family.

I faced difficulties of having to look after others when I felt like I should’ve been cared for and nurtured. I wanted all of the attention but learned that it wasn’t about me.

My healing would only take place in the form of me helping others. I fought it the whole time but eventually gave in because I know that wasn’t my true nature.

So the time I spent with my family was much needed. I gained a sense of who I was again and was reaffirmed in what my purpose was.

I felt so hopeless prior to being with them. It was probably the best thing to happen to me.

While I was with my family I was figuring myself out, putting plans in motion for jobs, gaining weight, getting my finances in order, etc.

It wasn’t until maybe June of 2019 that I got back to being myself wholeheartedly.

Within the span of 2 years I literally went through a time of being unemployed, possibly losing my house, being homeless, having lost weight to the point that I looked sick to no longer struggling. Things had gotten really bad for me.

It’s funny now because just yesterday my brother reminded me of just how depressed I was and how far I had come. He mentioned how literally there was nothing anyone could say to me to make me believe that things were going to get better. I saw no hope. Then, we both boasted in the fact that I’m not that person anymore.

I had to be reminded that there’s always darkened before you see the light. (Flickr photo)

So, I know that if I can overcome my hard times and depression, so can you!

All it takes is you renewing your mind to believe that you will be alright and you will come out a much happier and healthier you.

And trust me, I know it’s not as simple as just changing your mindset. I went to a therapist for a little while but because I moved I stopped going. Had I not moved I would’ve kept going.

So I suggest anyone going through depression etc to seek professional help before self soothing and trying to figure it out on your own. There are a lot of resources out there to help you.

You can and you will get through your situation. I like to tell my story often because I know it relates to a lot of people.

Back then I never would’ve imagined I’d be here in this capacity but here I am thriving and you can too!

Peace & Blessings!