Maintain Your Composher

I know a lot of you are probably wondering what the phrase that’s plastered all over my site “Maintain Your Composher” means.

You’re probably also wondering why composure is spelled the way it is.

Well, let me explain.

If you’ve visited my About Me page and have read through it, you’ll see I’ve already explained it a little.

Maintain your composher is a phrase I created as a way to remind myself of my purpose. I use it as a way to motivate and inspire those who come up against hard times and forget their why.

It simply means no discounts; that no matter what you’re going through you remain true to who you are, true to your values, your morals, and most importantly remain true to YOUR DREAMS!

But I wanted to fill you in on the story behind that phrase.

To do so, I’ll have to start all the way at the beginning.

Picture it, Okinawa, Japan, 2001 or so. I’m at a church anniversary and the founding bishop is visiting for this occasion.

It was about the end of the service and I guess he decided to give a prophetic word to a few in the congregation.

Now idk if what he chose to say to me specifically was because of what I had on or if it was because of something else lol, but he decided to speak to me.

He said that I would be a very successful CEO when I grew up.

Now me being a believer of my Faith, I took what he said as the word. The end all be all.

You would say he sort of gave me purpose. So, the rest of my time on this earth I spent it knowing what I would be but not knowing exactly how I’d get there.

So, I didn’t worry about it because I knew when the time was right, it’d come to me and I’d know what I’m supposed to be doing.

In the meantime of figuring that out I went to school for business management. Whole time, I’m thinking long and hard about what business (s) I’m going to own.

So, fast forward to 2012. I met someone who sort of pushed me further into that prophecy of business ownership CEO-ism.

I launched out into entrepreneurship in 2017 and that’s when the phrase Maintain Your Composher was created.

I had sacrificed a lot for the business and invested a lot in too my business partner and what they wanted.

A part of who I am is a giver and an encourager. In this season of entrepreneurship I learned that my encouragement and giving fell on deaf ears.

It got to the point where things weren’t going well with our businesses, not enough to carry us both so pressure was put on me to get a job. So I applied to jobs to get no response and decided I would try at some businesses of my own.

So I started making jewelry and looking into being a business consultant. But like all new businesses and ventures, things don’t always take off as quickly as we’d like.

Now, I knew it’d take a little while and a lot of dedication on my part but I was unable to motivate myself enough to really commit so I had a difficult time.

Instead of me being appreciated for what I had already done I was told I was worthless based on superficial standards and societal pressures. It was all pretty sad.

My self esteem was shot. There was nothing I could do to change this persons opinion on me nor their outlook on the world because this is who they are.

It wasn’t until I realized this fact that I had a mental shift.

I no longer saw myself as less than. I realized I squandered a lot of my good years, money, and encouragement on him instead of myself.

I realized my worth.

I also realized that what’s meant for me will always be for me.

I was reminded of that prophecy and that it was given to ME and no one elsr.

So my failures just meant that I was learning and had been pursuing something with at the wrong time. This wasn’t what I was supposed to pursue.

It wasn’t meant for me at that time.

So, what Maintain Your Composher meant to me in that season was simply that I forgot who I am and whose I am.

I forgot what had been manifested for me and had yet to come to fruition.

Had I remembered who I was, I could’ve avoided the pain and the struggle.

But I’ve taken that season as a lesson. I didn’t lose anything but gained knowledge and understanding to prepare me to stand in my composher in this next season. That was my growth and development season.

So I wanted to create something that made me feel good and proud of myself at all times. I wanted something to serve as a reminder.

The last thing I want to explain to you is why I spell composure as Composher.

If you look up the definition of composure it means the state of being calm and in control of oneself.

I took that definition literally. It was all encompassing of what I needed to do in every aspect of my life in that season.

I also realized just how delicate women are and how important it is that we take care of ourselves. Thus came the use of Her.

Maintain her. Control her (within reason because I know sometimes we need to let loose). Love her. Through it all put her first!

I hope my story encourages you to love yourself first and/or more.

I hope it reminds you to stand in who you are, at all times, no matter the situation.

I hope this encourages you to live your best lives, unapologetically!

Peace & blessings.

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