My Weight Gain Story

Left is the beginning of January 2019. Right is the beginning of October 2019.

First off, let me start by saying Happy New Year! Also, thank you to those new and welcome back to those returning to my blog.

If you’ve reached this blog post I’m guessing it’s because you came across it on my Instagram or Facebook page. Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

I’m going to start this story by giving you an overview of myself and my journey. I also have 2 videos up in my YouTube channel where I go into further detail about my journey. Link below to the video.

So, let’s get into this story of how I met my weight gain goal from 89lbs to 130lbs in around 6 months.

Throughout my whole life, I’ve always been slim, never weighing more than 105 lbs.

There was never a time that I’d go to the doctors and they’d tell me I needed to gain weight or that I was malnourished. None of that. All I heard was that I was healthy and it was normal for someone my age to remain slim due to having a fast metabolism.

Serious throwback. This is a young Evonna in high school (circa 2007-2008)

I attribute my slim figure to extracurricular activities and in part genetics. In middle school I played basketball and partook in whatever cheerleading activities I could. In high school I ran track and was a cheerleader. When I got to college I continued to do a little bit of cardio and would go to the gym on occasion but I was not as active. Once I graduated from college I realized I wanted to gain weight and decided that I’d start working out to add on muscle.

In that period of consistent workouts I was successful at gaining weight. I eventually became distracted and my workout routine fell off and was back to being slim.

I didn’t let that period of being stagnant hinder me because in that moment I knew that gaining weight was possible for me. I continued to work towards and plan to get back into the gym but I became extremely distracted and I fell off completely.

December 2017 89lbs

Fast forward to 2017, that was when I got down to my lowest weight of 87 pounds. This in part was due to depression and other hardships I encountered that lead me to this extreme weight loss. From 2017 up until late 2018, I struggled to gain weight and basically take care of myself. This leading me to being very depressed and my anxiety was off the charts.

In my depression I decided that once I was able, I would gain back every pound I lost and then some. I would say my real weight gain journey started in January of 2019. At this time I was preparing for my new job (which I hadn’t received yet but was manifesting at the time) as well as planning how I’d move forward with my life.

During this time I was actively researching and planning for ways that I would make my comeback.

I followed influencers like Kathy Drayton, HeyitsPorshe, etc. who were once slim like me but showed me they were able to gain the weight they wanted. That encouraged me and showed me even more how possible reaching that goal was for me.

I began to make lists of foods I’d incorporate into my diet as well as exercises that I knew would build muscle where I wanted it to.

There’s a link below to my shop where you can download my workout, food list, affirmations, etc. to help you on your journey to gaining weight.

Once I was in the right environment and had my plans in place I was ready to start my journey. From January up until April I worked out everyday and started to perfect my meal plan. I saw very little progress in my weight gain because I wasn’t eating nearly as much as I needed to.

When I started my job in April (the job I manifested) I was back to my original weight of 105. That was the month that things were kicked into gear for me.

I began eating 6 meals a day, this included snacks. I increased the weights I was using as well. So in January I started at 10lb weights and in April moved to 25 lb weights. I also increased my ankle weights from 4 lbs to 10 lbs.

I know some of you reading this are probably thinking that was a very drastic change in weight size, but the smaller weights had become too easy for me. I knew I needed to challenge myself more.

It was around July of 2019 when I weighed myself and saw that I weighed about 115 lbs. My goal was to gain 30 lbs so I was extremely happy that I had almost reached that goal.

July 2019

I continued to workout and follow my weight gain guide.

It wasn’t until September 2019 that I weighed myself and saw that I had reached my goal. I weighed 130 lbs.

September/October 2019 130lbs

I was extremely proud of myself for reaching my goal. I fully understood that my efforts and patience was what drove me to reach my goals and knew that if it was possible for me, it’s possible for you as well.

I am planning on posting more blogs this year focusing on my weight gain journey, self care and a few diy projects. I may even include some of my natural hair content. I will keep you posted on my social media platforms.

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As always, thanks for your support!


Evonna Schmoine

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