Preparing For Your Weight Gain Journey

One of the first things that I did when I got started on my weight gain journey was I researched. I did a lot of studying and looking for resources and products that would best help me reach my goal.

My number one thing was I didn’t want to put anything bad in my body that was going to cause issues later on down the road.

So I researched for quite some time and when I actually took that leap of actually doing the work, my efforts paid off.

The first part of my weight gain journey was getting my mind right.

So in order for me to accomplish my goal, gaining 30 lbs, I had to believe in my mind that it was possible.

I had been told that I wouldn’t be able to gain that much weight unless I got pregnant. So considering the environment and people I was surrounded by, I had to do my due diligence of getting my mind in check.

I had to make sure that all self doubt and anything that those Debbie downers said did not effect me.

How did I do this? I meditated and spoke positive affirmations over myself in the morning when I woke and before going to bed.

I can say that this practice helped me tremendously. I eventually got into the habit of believing that I could accomplish anything. I began to do things without even questioning if it was possible.

I’ve attached a link to a free downloadable pdf of the affirmations I spoke during my journey. I actually still use those today and expand as I go.

The next step to preparing was I looked at all of the exercises I wanted to do and what equipment they required.

Most of my exercises started out with lite weights. So I used 10-15 lb weights and 4 lb ankle weights. I also used resistance bands that I got from Five Below.

So most of what I used cost me less than $40 altogether.

You could even start doing most workouts without weights and use your body weight. That would be the best route to go when starting out. Then once you’ve built up enough strength you can add lite weights and increase the lbs as you grow and build muscle.

Current Equipment Used 25lb weight 10lb ankle weights, resistance bands, and gloves.

One thing that helped me on my journey was finding other women on social media who were fitness trainers and knew what it was like to gain weight.

I wanted to make sure the workouts I chose came from women with experience in the art of going from being lean to gaining an immense amount of weight.

I mentioned these women in my last blog post but Kathy Drayton, HeyitsPorshe, and Cookieeedough were all very helpful with workouts and motivation. I feel like each one of them provided me with something different to aid me.

Those were some of the important things I did to prepare myself outside of eating, which I’ll cover in my next blog post.

I hope the links and info I provided are helpful. Be sure to check out the Maintain Your Composher section on my blog for my free downloadable resources.


Evonna Schmoine

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